bosch axxis dryer

Common dryer issues reported often involve the dryer starting up without producing any heat or the dryer simply not starting at all if electric. Luckily, our experts are able to diagnose these issues and restore your dryer back to working condition.

Dryers use heat to significantly speed up the drying process.  Tumbling helps dry your clothes, but without any heat you’re just wasting energy—especially on a full load of laundry. If your dryer appears to be working fine but doesn’t give off any heat then you may have a problem with your thermal fuse. Other causes involve blockage in the duct, which if not handled properly can result in a fire.

Most Whirlpool, Kenmore, Sears, Frigidaire, Roper and other brands of dryers experience this problem. If your dryer sounds fine but has no heat or simply doesn’t start at all, it’s best to call in the experts. The initial reaction for most is to buy a new dryer, not only is this costly but it’s also completely unnecessary.

Trained experts are able to diagnose and repair your dryer usually within a half hour, bringing it back to its top performing condition.

The repair experts at Repair My Appliance NYC carry all the necessary parts for most major brands of dryers to tackle this issue, saving you time and any additional costs. The next time your dryer suddenly goes cold or doesn’t turn on, contact us by calling 212-729-8671 and we’ll restore your dryer back to its peak performance and ensure your convenience every step of the way—that’s our guarantee.

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My Dryer Sounds Fine but there’s No Heat – We Can Help