Manhattan Washer Repair and Installation Services


There is nothing worse than loading up your washing machine with a pile of laundry only to discover your machine isn’t working properly. Modern washers function on an array of complex systems, switches, and controls. If any point of the system shuts down, your entire machine goes with it. Additionally, wrongly installed parts or damaged pipes can leave you with major leaks and issues, along with loads of undone laundry.

As the go-to repair technicians in Manhattan, our experts cover a multitude of washing machine brands, including but not limited to:


Common issues that arise with washing machines involve leaks, incorrect water temperatures and levels, improper cycle time, lack of draining, additional noise, no water filling, and unresponsive power. From your machine not turning on at all to resulting in a load of still dirty laundry, we will help you diagnose the issue and restore your washer into proper working condition in no time.

When it comes to washer and dryer repairs, it is always best to rely on factory trained and experienced specialists to diagnose, test and fix your appliance issues. Doing so will help you avoid gaining any additional damage to your appliances and give you the opportunity to finish up any loads of laundry you may have left to do.

If your commercial or residential laundry machine needs servicing in the Manhattan area, please do not hesitate to contact us at 212.729.8671 today or request service with our easy to use form. We will always do our best to provide you with reliable, same day service—your convenience is our guarantee.