For most us, when an appliance breaks down or goes on the fritz it happens at the most inconvenient times, usually when you actually need to use that particular appliance. Ovens, dishwashers, laundry machines and dryers—all are necessary for our homes and our lives to keep running smoothly.

But what happens when they suddenly refuse to cooperate? The number one mistake most people make is attempting to fix the problem themselves. This can lead to further damages, resulting in higher costs and an increase in your appliance’s downtime. So, how can you be better prepared to tackle an appliance repair when the need arises out of nowhere?

The inconvenience wasn’t planned, but how you handle the fix can be. In cases where your appliance stops working, it’s always best to call in the experts to diagnose and fix the issue.

Make sure to already have a reliable service and technician handy. Do your research, or go with a trusted, repair service.  If you’re located in Manhattan, you’re in luck; at Repair My Appliance NYC we guarantee same day service ensuring your emergency appliance breakdowns are taken care of quickly and smoothly.

Inconveniences happen, emergencies are a part of life but they don’t have to ruin your entire day. The right repair service will get your appliance back to its top performance in no time and usually for a reasonable price. So, the next time you have an appliance emergency, just call us at 212-729-8671 and we’ll  help you get your day back on track.


Planning Ahead in an Appliance Emergency – is it Possible?